Globe Willow Trees (1 cnt)

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Get One Rare Globe (Navajo) Willow Tree. These unique trees earn the name "Globe Willow" for their very symmetrical sphere shape. Boasting a large canopy and great shade this very fast grower will be sure to bring you joy and cooling shade for many years to come. Also works great as a privacy hedge or wind block. Trees will be about 6 inches tall after planting. Can be expected to grow 6-9 feet a year. They love water and wet spots and do very good in full or partial sunlight. Also make a neat Bonsai Tree.

Beautiful Globe Willow Tree, Make Awesome Shade
Hardy in Zones 3-10, All of the USA. Very fast growing and easy to propagate
100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, You will be the talk of the neighborhood with these unique trees
Birds and Wildlife love Willows, good for the environment Willows produce alot of Oxygen