Monarch Butterfly Garden Bundle

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This specially formulated bundle of Grasses and Pollionators is amazing at producing Monarch Butterflies and then keeping them around all summer. Covers Approx 10 sq ft. 2 types of Milkweed, Common and Butterfly Milkweed are the only plants the larva feed and cocoon on. After this amazing process is complete and the Monarch Butterlfy comes out, it will find a buffett of natural wild flowers and pollinators to feast upon. This diverse mix blooms at different times providing flowers all spring and summer. You will love seeing the diverse wildflower and grasses and the amazing butterflies they attract all season. All the plants are perrenial so they come back year after year and get more beautiful with time. 28 species are included in this mix. Help Monarch Butterflies with this easy to grow mix of WIldflowers that also provide beauty to your green space. Good for the enviorment and for pollinators this is a must have for any garden or outdoor enthusiast.

-28 species of wildflowers, grasses and Milkweed specific for the Monarch Butterfly
-Covers 10 sq ft. Add beauty to your greenspace with this all natural butterfly garden
-Propegate and maintain butterflies with this diverse mix of pollinators. Excellent for the enviornment
-All perrenial plants, they come back each year. Plant in the spring or fall for best results