Flowering Bonsai Tree Seed Bundle

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--A RARE FIND: You get 30 seeds total. 10 of each - Purple Wisteria, Blue Jacaranda, and Judas Tree. Each tree blooms flowers with unique colors. Purple, Blue, and Pink. Hard to find, get now with one easy click.

--EASY TO GROW: No stratification is necessary, WE HIGHLY RECOMMEND some Fox Farms Ocean Forest Soil, or CZ Grain Bonsai soil to start these plants. Dont use akadama or other mature bonsai soil to start these trees. Some all natural soil is highly recommenced

--CZ GRAIN GUARANTEE: We guarantee you are getting authentic flowering tree seeds shipped from our nursery in Iowa With all our natural products, 100% CUSTOMER SATISFACTION IS GUARANTEED.

--BEAUTIFUL BLOOMS: It can take 2-3 years depending on the species to see blooms, alot depends on how you care for the tree. to maximize growth and health start in some all natural soil and provide them with alot of light.

--INSTRUCTIONS AND VIDEOS: Planting Instructions are included and you can always search YouTube for "CZ Grain Bonsai" videos.