Bonsai Willow Tree Bundle #2

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You get 3 Rare and Very Hard to Find Genus of Willow Trees all in one Click. 3 Rooted Thick Trunk Starts that are 100% Guaranteed and Detailed and Easy Instructions for Growing Them are Included. One Dwarf Weeping Willow, 1 White Willow and 1 Black Willow. Highly prized as Bosnai, Willows are fast growing and very ornate. Truly a Rare Offering for 3 rare trees. Get them now while they are available. Trees will be about 8 inches tall and the Trunk will be 1/2 inch to 1 inch thick.

Hardy in Growing Zones 3-10. All of the USA. These trees will lose their leaves and go dormant in the winter months

****If the temp is above 90 degrees or below freezing these Bonsai starts may ship in a dormant state.******