Allium "Globemaster" Bulb (1 cnt)

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- Rare Giant Blooming Onion - Perennial Large Flower - Bonsai Plant

Get the BIGGEST Allium of them all. 1 Bulb, Ready to Plant. The Globemaster boasts a vibrant purple flower that can get as big as a basketball. Prized as an ornametal garden flower or Bonsai Specimen, this plant is sure to get second looks and start conversations. Plant in the fall, blooms in the spring, comes back every year!

Not Chinese sourced seeds!! The real deal (big healthy bulbs) shipped from Iowa,USA these are actual flower bulbs that are large and ready to plant (approx 2.5 inches thick).

Backed by our 100% Customer Satisfaction Guarantee.

Plant these ornamental vegetable bulbs 3-4 inches deep. 12-14 inches apart.