Bonsai Australian Willow Tree Cutting

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You get one hand selected Australian Willow Tree that will be about 6 inches tall after it is planted. The trunk will be about 1/2 inch to 1 1/2 inch thick or larger and leaf buds are just sprouting from dormancy. Get the look of a full bonsai much faster. Why wait for years trying to grow a bonsai from tree seeds. Get this large specimen now and enjoy a mature looking Bonsai fast! Growing Instructions are included and I recommend getting this tree established in some high quality All Natural potting soil, not a synthetic bonsai soil for slower growing trees. Enjoy this ancient art and create your own beautiful Bonsai. Trees Ship Bare Root - Leaves Just Starting to Grow - No pots or plating medium included. Hardy in Zones 3-10 this can be an indoor or outdoor Bonsai. Packaged with care and shipped Priority Mail to you. Enjoy these trees and enjoy this day.

Planting instructions are included and these trees are guaranteed to arrive to you healthy and viable.

** Trees shipped during hot summer with a forecast over 90 degrees or if it below freezing may be shipped dormant**