Weeping Willow Trees (2 cnt)

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You get 2 easy to grow Weeping Willow trees that come ready to plant. Detailed Planting Instructions are Included, and these trees can be started indoor with just a cup of water and partial light! Can grow for weeks this way until ready to plant in a more permanent location. Shipped Fast.

The affluent look of these trees is certain to add a luxurious feel to any yard or garden area. Fast growing and drought resistant, these ornamental trees will be a joy for years to come. Fast shade to cool off your yard or home, they add fast privacy as well. These beautiful trees are good for the environment and can grow 6-10 feet a year. Weeping Willows will mature at around 40 feet tall, 35 feet wide and can live 55+ years. Suitable for all growing zones. Detailed planting instructions included. . Easy to grow and pleasing to the eye.

These Weeping Willows Grow 6-10 feet per year and after 2-3 years the Desired Arching Canopy will be evident and will only get more beautiful with time.

Shipped Bare Root, some trees may have leaves and branches. Suitable for growing zones 3-10
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