Bonsai Soil by CZ Grain

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-4 Quarts of CZ Grain Bonsai Soil, Enough for three 10 inch planters. Specially formulated ALL Natural, great for strong roots and fast healthy branching.
-All Natural, full of all natural, bio-available nutrients. Blend of earthworm castings, bat guano, sea-going fish & crab meal, forest humus, moss & more
-100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed.
-Ideal for containerized plantings. This is the best soil I have ever found to grow Trees or Plants

Just purchased one our our Bonsai Trees? This is the soil you want to get your new Tree off to its best start. 4 quarts, enough to plant three 6 inch planters. Specially formulated and ALL Natural, you will see an explosion of growth with this soil. You wont need any fertilizer for 3 month as this powerful soil has your roots needs covered.We Guarantee it just like the rest of our products. You will be satisfied and Happy with Happy Trees that will pump out Oxygen into your house and filter the air of CO2 and other toxins.