Bonsai Globe Willow Tree

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Get one Large Trunk (approx 1 inch thick) Bonsai Root Stock of the beautiful Globe Willow Tree. Prized for its round top and symmetrical canopy, this fast growing tree is a great addition to any Bonsai collection and at a great price. Very easy to grow this trees unique features is sure to bring joy and relaxation to a Bonsai viewing or trimming in your very near future! Why waste years waiting for a tree to grow from seed? Get the thick trunk old mature look now with this very fast growing tree.

-Large Trunk, Fast Growing, Mature Bonsai Look Now, Dont waste years with tree seeds
-Planting and Care Instructions Included. We Guarantee Our Trees!
-Trees Ship Bare Root - No pots or planting medium included - Hardy in Zones 3-10
-Fast Growing and Very Unique, this is sure to bring you joy and conversation for years to come
-**Pictures of Mature Plants are for reference only**