Black Willow Bonsai Tree

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Attractive to the eye, the Thick Trunk Black Willow is a prized Bonsai Specimen
Easy to grow, and maintain, it fills in very fast and produces lots of Oxygen
Growing Instructions Included - 100% Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed
Dont Mess with Tree Seeds - Get a thick trunked, rooted and healthy Bonsai Tree right from the start
Trees Ship Bare Root - Leaves are just starting - No pots or planting medium included - Hardy in Zones 3-10

Get one Thick Trunk Black Willow Bonsai Tree. This beautiful tree will be about 8 inches tall after planting and the trunk is about 1 inch thick. Leafs are just sprouting from dormancy. Called Black Willow for the Dark Color of its Mature Bark. Very fast growing and Forgiving Bonsai. Ships bare root. no soil or pot included. Get that mature look that is highly desired and dont mess with growing Bonsai Tree seeds that take years to grow into a presentable tree. Customer Satisfaction Guaranteed. If the weather is above 90 degrees or below freezing these trees may ship in a dormant state to protect the tree.